Les projets lauréats seront publiés dans son numéro d'octobre, qui sera, selon la publication, un catalogue des idées les plus intrigantes et innovantes, jumelé à une liste des «designers à embaucher».
Avec cette nouvelle compétition annuelle, le magazine veut donner aux designers la place qui leur revient.Red air france voucher Disc, which will unify its different drink lines.And the red disc will adapt to the specific context in cadeau derniere minute fete des meres which it is being presented on packaging.The red disk also has a history with the companys branding from long ago; originally, the red disc was used in Coke ads from the 1930s; then in the 1940s it was utilized as a signage system in retail locations to tell the public where.En poursuivant votre navigation sur ce site, vous acceptez l'utilisation des cookies pour améliorer votre navigation.En lançant le concours, fast Company Innovation by Design Awards, Fast Company souhaite continuer le dialogue sur la créativité et les affaires, déjà proposé sur ses blogues, dont sign.Pour en savoir plus : m/section/innovation-by-design.The unified brand approach is significant because over the last three decades, Cokes approach to branding has been to design in visual distinction to enhance the difference between their drink options.At the heart of this redesign is what the company is calling the.Actualités, oNE global 2018 V1 ONE 2017.Actualités, le Journal des Femmes en kiosque le Actualités 2ème Edition du boite cadeau pour bebe Prix Madame Figaro Business With Attitude.
Les intéressés peuvent soumettre leurs créations dans neuf catégories, dont Produits de consommation, Espaces, Expériences interactives, Design 2D et Étudiants.The red disc is essentially a bottle cap with the name Coca-Cola spelled out in the familiar brand letteringlettering based on the handwriting of the Coca-Cola companys first bookkeeper.The new design language, pioneered in Mexico and soon to roll out globally throughout 20, will serve as a unifying rebrand.Already associated with the Cola brand by Coke drinkers worldwide, the color red is the powerful component on which this design language is based.Le jury est composé de professionnels de divers milieux, dont Yves Béhar, Alison Moore (HBO Nicholas Felton (Facebook David Butler (Coca-Cola Scott Belsky (Behance Karl Heiselman (Wolff Olins) et John Maeda (École du desgn du Rhode Island).

In practical terms, the company hopes that this means newer lines such as Coke Life will gain some of the credibility that the heritage of the classic line of Coke already enjoys.
In a move thats billed as worldwide brand unification, the Coca Cola Company announced a major redesign of its look this week.
Of course, different Coke products will still retain a small sense of uniqueness by displaying their own brand colors as part of the packaging.