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Answered by: Rusty B Date published: What size bolts are needed to mount a transmission mount to this?
Answered by: Rusty B Date published: Do you have the shifter assembly for a floor mounter shifter that would match up to this transmission?
Bought to install in light street rod.
Enter product and shipping information below to match the price when you checkout.Once again OUR dash 1st place winner second TO none!Photos 8 10: Show a original Nissan dash for comparison of the finish and contour.I must admit that the pads fit and finish was better than I had hoped for.This shifts the same as any 3 speed automatic cadeau depart nounou transmission.Well, this August I say This is the year I finally throw this jacket out."Best of Show" is above all other winners even in the low windshield class.
Asked by: Jan Olson You will need to see what the original gear was in the original transmission.All the mounting hole areas are marked on the dash and are pre-drilled.This similar item ships today!Speedometer drive gear and driven gear not included.Here is a link for a Speedometer Port Plug that will work for this Transmission.I have owned and operated a Z car restoration shop here in Phoenix Arizona.Thanks again ep up the good work!" Gary Meekins, Phoenix, Arizona.