Year End Awards page.
We were at that time the only Armstrong Siddeley Club in the world.The idea of an Armstrong Siddeley Car Club came about when Jim Rudder and Noel Stokes met with the writer, Penn Bradly, in the latter part of 1959 to investigate the idea of a specialty Armstrong Siddeley Club.Days are our dressage shows.Regular annual service completed and papers available since purchased.The first, federal Rally dictated that we should acquire perpetual trophies.Our, english/Western Shows offer a wide selection of English and Western Classes.
Everyone is welcome to show at Delta Riding Club, DRC Members receive discounted show rates and are eligible to win Year And Awards.
For more details please see the shows page.
These two photos were never framed and one wonders where they are kept today or if they still exist.Selwyn Allen was resident in Canberra at that time and attended this first meeting.This was a huge success and it became the major national event thereafter.We are extremely proud of our Club spare parts service that is supplying members needs worldwide.Pendant ce temps, Severide envisage un changement de vie majeur, Herrmann fait une bonne action et Brett cherche à faire quelques changements personnels.Let me at this point categorically state that the Club was not formed because of the cessation of Armstrong Siddeley manufacture which reduction avis voiture became public knowledge in February 1960, whilst we were still in the working party stage.Pour cela, il va créer des planètes, étoiles, et autres galaxies, qui vont peupler lunivers et lui fournir lénergie nécessaire à son expansion.