flyers promo video

Here is a great selection of concours adjoint administratif police nationale pusa's promotional items from over the years!
From left to right; Lump UK promo - Columbia 2-trk compilation incl.A few flyers from pusa shows.The powerful air flow generated by massive motors allows everyone from the general public to elite athletes to float in the air, making real flying possible for everybody! .The Freaked out and Small tab book comes complete with all the lyrics and a bonus DVD following pusa during the album's recording sessions and featuring the only live performance of this album.You can fly alone, with friends or start a team in one of the many spectacular disciplines.The green display was used during the launch party for the "These Are The Good Times People" album.Chris Ballew - Arena of Human Suffering scrapbook.We created a pre-event trailer which can be seen promo transat jardin leclerc down below, flyers as well as handled the social media management and social media branding for this event.Promotional 3 1/2" floppy disk containing pusa screensavers, distributed to promote the Lump single in 1995.Caspar Babypants business card.Indoor Skydiving is a revolutionary new sport, the art of human flight in Vertical Wind Tunnels.
World is the voice of the, human Flyers World Community!This bicycle was one of the many items that appeared in pusa's "garage sale" auction video for Zero Friction.Human beings have always wanted to fly and now concours administratifs catégorie b de la fonction publique territoriale the dream to fly is possible for everybody!Tracklist: 1) Chris's Greeting 2) Tiny Christmas 3) Dave's Holiday Guitar 4) Dave's Greeting 5) Jason's Greeting 6) More Rok!Sent out to members of the pusa fanclub in 1996.True Vine Ministries approached noya to create a church event promo trailer for their highly anticipated Prophetic Healing Crusade in 2015.Freaked Out Small Press Kit.A special "Fan Eyes Only" cassette tape was included, featuring the following tracks: 1) Special Message To You!

Before the days of the Internet we did everything via the very reliable postage system.
From left to right; Popllama Records press release for the original issue of the debut album in 1995; A4 cardboard folder with press release inside, promoting the release of Lump; French 4-page press release for the debut album; French 3-page press release for "II French.
Original slide from a pusa photo shoot for Columbia Records circa 1995/96.