Advertisement Fix: You need to remove the credit card from the account and re-enter the credit card information.
Find out how to check your PlayStation Store transactions for step by step instructions.
SU-35931-1 Update data of system software is partially corrupted: This error occurs due to network instability.
What do you think about redeeming the codes through PS3 or Vita?NP-31739-3 Download of latest update file is ongoing: This could be because running an application while an update file is ongoing.Error Code CE-32958-7: Cannot Launch Application.If PlayStation Network is undergoing maintenance you may find that you are unable to use your voucher code.Fix: You can simply check the status of the PSN and the status of the game's server via its official website to clarify the nature of the error.FIX : This issue is due to PSN, which might be currently down/Maintenance.How do I resolve a voucher code problem?So nothing can be done to run the disc.If your voucher is not working, please check with the retailer that your wallet top up card was correctly activated.Make sure you are downloading a proper file for you region, here is the download links for PS4 Firmware.50 for three different region.If you are redeeming a non-PS code, you can also try Sonys website by simply navigating.
As per details i know, this CE-34878-0 only when you try t upgrade CoD: Ghosts or any other game from PS3 to PS4, it's having issue if promo code for amazon ca you are using PS3 account.Fast forward code promo chapka direct cap aventure to today, they told me the voucher code was fine and unredeemed.Last edit: PSN support redeemed the code for.Fix: Check that if the USB device is formatted as FAT or exFAT, if there is no problem then check if the update file was stored in the correct file structure.If still getting problem check if the HDD may be corrupted or broken and contact PS support.Fix: Re-download the content to solve the problem NP-31952-0 Network connection timed out: This error appears when the network connection is unstable or not strong enough.So, I went to go redeem it and low and behold, I get the same error despite the code being not redeemed.We hope Sony stabilizes the network soon.Fix: Restart your system or initialize it to fix the problem.

This post will be update periodically with new error codes and its fixes, you guys can also contribute to this, share your PS4 error finds with us in the comment section below.
E PS4 Can't recognize content properly: It might be because your system is unable to recognize the content or the registration information of the content might be incorrect.