The surgeon and nursing staff will instruct you on pain relief when you leave the hospital.
Will the surgery hurt?
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This will be explained to you during your initial appointment with your surgeon.Your information will not be shared.This procedure can be done under local anesthesia or general anesthesia based on a patient's desires.Labiaplasty is, however, a very routine procedure, and complications are very rare.Women who wish to achieve the most natural looking labia possible often choose the Wedge Technique.Increased size of a womans labia may be due to genetics, child birth, or hormonal changes.There is nothing you need to do physically to prepare for labiaplasty aside from stopping smoking and stopping herbal medications and supplements, fish oils and omega 3s two weeks prior to your surgery.As with any surgery, activities will be restricted for a while.3500 (inner) 4500 (outer related Services).The technique that is right for you will be discussed at your consultation.There are a number of different labia reduction procedures that can be performed depending on the requirements of the patient.
There will be temporary swelling and bruising following the surgery.
How should I look after my wound at home?
Get in Touch With Us, do you have a question of a labiaplasty surgery? Please fill out our contact form and one of our friendly staff will get in touch with you as soon as we can.Recovery Process, dressings applied after labiaplasty can help the healing process.Your Labiaplasty Consultation, choosing a cosmetic surgery procedure is always an important decision that should never be rushed.This means no stitches need to be removed which allows the tissues to heal the most natural way possible.The indications and contra-indications for this surgical procedure are identical to those of the Wedge method.Labiaplasty FAQ, anybody undergoing cosmetic surgery will have some concerns and questions about the procedure.This is the most favored labiaplasty surgery as it has low complication rates that make recovery and healing a simple process for patients.At the clinic, we understand that getting surgery on your labia is a sensitive topic so we have create an atmosphere that is friendly, safe, and completely private.No stitches need to be removed after the procedure.