pretty little liars promo season 7

Id cross off Alison, Melissa and Jenna, at least, just based on the fact that Mona probably wouldve figured them out.
Get your tissues ready, 'cause the end is really here for "Pretty Little Liars.As far as Emison goes, Emily could be talking about literally anything, so its difficult to form any theories based on her line.Is it just me, or does Arias dress look white?This dialogue doesnt take place in the scene pictured above, though, as the clothing is different.Overanalyzing the Pretty Little Liars series finale trailer.Next, we get a blue tomato code promo quick look at some characters wholl be returning for the series finale.After last night's Episode 19, "Farewell, My Lovely Freeform posted the big series finale promo, which promises "no more secrets" and "A.D.
After she confessed to a murder she didnt commit so that Spencer could go free, we see Mary hurting Spencer!
Is definitely not Mona, and is someone that Mona knows!The black hoodie montage is followed by a couple blink-and-youll-miss-it moments.This could be in the hospital, in Tobys bed, or perhaps even in a dream.Its a little frustrating that theyll just magically be endgame after a season apart in which Toby got married and then tragically lost his wife, but at this point, there are bigger fish to fry.Also, it has been known that there will be a one year time jump before the show ends.After seven years, Pretty Little Liars only has one (two-hour) episode left!Everything was out in the open, and he was standing up for her to the other Liars.Entering a room behind a snowglobe, I immediately begin to fear for those two beauties!Related: Pretty Little Liars : Why Im worried about every single ship in season.