Gwen retaliates, saying that her hit is for Duncan not being Courtney's boyfriend at the time.
Tyler agrees with Owen about Gwen being hot in The EX-Files.
After a while, the two ended up kissing, with Tyler being their sole citroen pneu michelin promotion witness.Gwen and Duncan battling Courtney in the theme song.In Moon Madness, Gwen continues to try and make things right with Courtney, but this time makes slower, and more gradual progress.Gwen's guard lowers with each season.Courtney shouts at Zoey, warning her that she better not be laughing about her kissing Scott and Cameron.Duncan tries to comfort Gwen by kissing her cheek but ruins it when he asks if Courtney saw.Gwen and Courtney make a pact to eliminate Heather.Gwen and Cameron helping Zoey in the finale.
Gwen becomes upset when Duncan asks about Courtney, now that she and Gwen are on the same team.Total Drama Action and served as the captain of the.Gwen assures Trent that neither of them will get too competitive while on different teams.As they all eat their sundaes, Gwen teases Scott.In Wawanakwa Gone Wild!, Gwen wins the challenge again, this time by catching her duck faster than the other campers.Gwen heavily objects this since she hates modeling and is even more frustrated that DJ is trying to lose the challenge.Gwen helping Cameron to climb up the stairs.She also hosted a web show talking about her time on Total Drama in addition of spreading the need cadeau mère noel to protect the environment.Gwen arguing with Heather and Courtney.Gwen in the confessional.

Fearing for Duncan's safety, Gwen sneaks into the elimination ceremony and silently cheers when Duncan is deemed safe.
The others are Courtney, Duncan, Trent, Cody, Harold, and Alejandro, who play the violin (Courtney guitar (Duncan and Trent keyboard/keytar (Cody and Harold tuba (Harold and accordion (Alejandro) respectively.
Gwen uses bear feces to fix the painting.