These loans play an important communicative function.
Below is an illustration of its usage: He congratulated the concours fonction publique d état catégorie c fon on the impressive development projects that have been implemented in the fondom during his 15 years on the throne Other cases include: letter-mandat (French: mandat lettre money order to be posted as an ordinary.Relationship between English, French and Pidgin in Cameroon.Lastly and most importantly, they are used by anglophone Cameroonians to facilitate effective and quick communication with their francophone counterparts, since sentences containing French-sounding terms are easier to make sense.Gorlach (eds.) English as a World Language, Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press,.To check the degree of integration of each item into the lexicon of English in Cameroon, the researcher code promo naissance fr adopted the techniques of sentence construction.I wonder why it has not been forwarded to the next office.
The final results are published through a communique by the Minister of Higher Education, according to the" defined in article 3 of the present decree.In Cameroon English, loan translation does not only yield words which are literal translations from French, like "minister of State" (French: ministre d'Etat) "chief minister it also causes most French words which are similar in structure to be used as equivalents, irrespective of the standard.Jean-Paul Kouega (University of Yaounde I, Cameroon abstract, this paper discusses the reflections on English of the contacts between British, French and African cultures in Cameroon.Some, like "achu are cooked and then pounded in a mortar.(You can lift it, can't you?).Selected respondents were asked to compose illustrative sentences with a sample of these items.Attestation de présentation de l'original d'un diplôme document attesting the origin of a diploma; authentication Candidates' file shall comprise the following documents: a copy of birth certificate, a 5,000 money order, copies of secondary school diplomas, and an attestation of presentation of the original.Cameroon is a Central African country, which from 1884 to 1919, was part of the vast German colony in Africa (Neba 1987).Secondly, they are used when the English word for an object or concept does not describe it effectively, is less expressive or is unsatisfactory.Take for example the phrase "good appetite".

Mbassi Manga, Francis (1976) "The State of Contemporary English in Cameroon" in Francis Mbassi Manga (ed.) Cameroon Studies in English and French (casef Victoria: Cameroon, Press Book.