To be honest, we were offered cocktails at Alinea's pop-up bar The Office, but obviously at eight in the evening the place was more or less deserted.
Since the Spanish like to have dinner after 10pm, I assumed there would be another seating much later that night.
Unfortunately I had never made it to his restaurant in Chicago, so this Madrid pop-up was the perfect opportunity to finally get to sample his cooking and quel cadeau pour 3 ans de mariage I booked tickets instantly.When I booked the tickets, the only time that was available was 6pm.After I seared it for service, it came out more medium than medium-rare.Next up was Alinea's take on Moqueca, a traditional Brazilian fish stew often made with coconut milk.So there we were.50 - it would be rude to be late.The Alinea recipe for lamb stock uses bones only no meat a more classic approach, which yields clearer stock.I shoulda looked up some of these butchering how-to videos first.
Mise en place: I scattered some fenugreek seeds on a paper towel in a plastic container, and moistened with water.
The menu was only presented to us after the meal, so the circle detail was unknown to me, as were the dishes which were being served tonight.
This dish also showed similarities with Alinea's "Peruvian Scallop" dish.I did sense however, that the menu was on the compact side, and mainly featuring the restaurant's most manageable dishes, leaving out the intricacy, complexity, and elaborateness the restaurant is so well-known for.Id suggest doing a half-batch of each; youll have plenty for eight servings.First up was "Black Truffle Explosion a perfectly made raviolo with a gorgeous liquid black truffle filling, and garnished with black truffle, a cabbage leaf, and a sliver of Parmesan cheese.The first thing I noticed when I entered the restaurant space, was a big wall covered in green moss with little transparent bags, which turned out to be the beginning of the Alinea experience.

Also worth mentioning is the "12 Days of Christmas" festival at Christopher Kostow's 3-star, meadowood in Napa Valley, which experienced its 8th edition in 2015.
It immediately brings to my mind the cuisines of India and the Mediterranean.
Well see about that.