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6-core MacBook Pro coming - but don't expect 32GB RAM.
Here's hoping at least the Macbook Pro line doesn't end up in the quest to be ultra thin and lacking in decent, compatible ports.
So you always have access to what you want, wherever you want.It seems likely that there have been a number of Macs turning up at the Genius Bar with just this issue, because Apple has been looking into ways to avoid the problem.Seth Winfrey - 20:11 Being a college computer engineering student who, for the price, wants 1: performance and 2: portability, the 11-inch air is the only one that looks remotely interesting to me, having much better performance than the much more expensive Macbook at their.If Apple fails to roll out the touch-sensitive bar across the top of the keyboard to any other Macs, we feel it will be an indicator that the Touch Bar isn't a popular feature.I might even overlook the need for a bunch of stupid dongles and buy one.It certainly hasn't been showing the once-beloved slim laptop a lot of love in recent years.And work effortlessly with people who use Microsoft promo voyages fram PowerPoint.See more MacBook rumours here.You can also see our one-stop guide to the best place to buy any Mac.Brandon Pfeiffer - 05:07 Does this article speculate on release date? .
An Intel processor capable of supporting lpddr4 RAM - Cannon Lake - isn't expected until the end of 2018 (having been delayed due to difficulties with the manufacturing process).It seems that Apple may have had bon reduction fromage to settle for Coffee Lake chips because the Intel processor capable of supporting lpddr4 RAM - Cannon Lake - has been delayed.Apple, apple's MacBook and iMac get a major price drop.If Apple continues to sell the MacBook Air maybe it should drop Air from it's name.We expect a similar bump from the 2018 generation of MacBook Pro.

There might be some changes to Intel specific optimizations, but other than that?