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In addition to the new system to meet the aerospace materials and equipment needs, the company will open up car engine with turbocharger turbine superalloy precision castings, and chemical industry and automotive engine valve casting parts precision casting, and other civilian market.
Le contrat ne couvre en revanche pas de grands carénages de snle.Iron and Steel Research Gaona turbocharger turbine superalloy materials used in the traditional technology code promo briant will be improved so that higher material quality and production efficiency, material costs will also come down, the end product life will be longer.With our technology, the company the industry leader to do this no problem.If you rely solely on the military market, the Iron and Steel Research development of high rate of satisfaction in the coming years will surely be affected, while the broad market areas of the development of civilian space for Iron and Steel Research Gaona see.In 1956 by a small high-temperature materials, to the current annual income of nearly 3 million, Steel Research Gaona (300 034) has become the field of high temperature alloys the most advanced technology, production types, one of the most complete.This allows Zhao Minghan proud.According to reports, in our third generation fighter engine has a ton of multiple, involving a total of multiple components, including an indispensable component is satisfied by the high production of Iron and Steel Research.A la pointe du Finistère, si 500 salariés de dcns sont concernés par le nouveau contrat de MCO des snle, ce sont en fait 1300 personnels qui travaillent sur les sous-marins.Le site dcns de Brest mènera, quant à lui, le MCO des quatre sous-marins nucléaires lanceurs dengins (snle).In the existing conditions, to one person too much money out of the reward is not realistic, but the Iron and Steel Research Gaonave tried everything, including the company the highest possible treatment, and the spirit of national honor award.
Recently, high-sodium, general manager of Iron and Steel Research Zhaoming Han for the first time to face the media, about the company in the field of high-temperature alloy development and growth process.Different origin, different natural doomed mission.Nous sommes fiers de pouvoir contribuer sans discontinuité à la permanence de la dissuasion».Facebook, google, twitter, linkedin, pinterest email, le snle Le Téméraire (credit photo : dcns).Cest ainsi que dcns a pu réparer cette année Le Triomphant, endommagé en février dernier suite à une collision avec un snle britannique.Zhaoming Han admitted that the company is considering expanding production scale.

Hard work pays off in 2009, the companys shipments to the state expected production to meet the user mpany executives are working to shareholders.
Iron and Steel Research Gaona state-owned enterprises, the former shareholders of the state, materials related to national defense and national security, the State must be responsible, this is a mission; Now the company listed on the GEM, raising funds.5 billion, our net assets.
Dans le cadre du contrat, dcns devra également réaliser le maintien en condition opérationnelle et la modernisation de certaines structures de la Marine nationale : installations nucléaires de base secrète de la zone Missiessy, plateformes dentraînement et simulateur tactique de lEcole de navigation sous-marine (ensm).