The Ummites indicate what could be the fork concerning the planetary parameters which allow, not the appearing of life, but the emergence of humans from a primitive life: Surface temperature of the star : between 45 K Eccentricity of the planetary orbit: between zero and.
The Ummites said to have been extremely surprised by the altitude and the aspect of our mountains, covered with snow.
But he found many things by asking the neighborhood.The Ummites gave us by the way a map of their planet: Fig.12 A map of the ummo planet As indicated in the documents, code promo psg fr the big lake, in the middle-right, named auvoa saooaa, would have a surface of 276.000 km2 and would correspond.In the mean time, the group became larger.They propose to give them the earth authorities, the day they will reveal there presence on our floor.Petit) am writing these lines in 1995.The Ummites would have sprayed, here and there, some pieces, so that the probability for a man of the Earth, a scientist, to understand them is negligible (evaluated to one over three millions).Nothing says that he still lives in the region.Naturally curious, he went on the site and found the engineer Villagrassa, completely disappointed with many cameras hanging on his neck.
They would then be fitted with an amplification system constituted of two elements.
Apparently, this idée cadeau petit garçon 7 ans must be the case of the different planets that our guys would have visited, while they thought at the beginning that the men of the Earth were all speaking the same language, horribly complicated.
The day of the appointment, the flat was full.We anesthesiated its inhabitants: a couple, their three children and some Spanish workers, the dog which began to bark.Rafael forgot in this bundle of sheets a report coming from a private detective he would have paid to inquire on this affair of the cut hand of Albacete.He remembered having seen the members of a family of the surroundings, the Violat, who went down once to the village to deposit a strange complaint to the police office.The first, so big as a pea, would be implanted by surgery under the tongue, for all their life.