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M 1255 Dundas St West, Toronto The Vegan Dutchess For uptown eaters, this vegan, organic, exclusively gluten-free and sugar-free take-out spot wants to ensure that eating out can still mean eating well.
Some are more health-focused than others, but all of these exclusively plant-powered joints offer super healthy options.
Lawrence Market, Cruda is committed to serving locally grown, vegan, raw food that supports health and the environment.
Traditional French fare, often with concours agent territorial 2018 guadeloupe a touch of Mediterranean flair, is the draw: four varieties of moules et frites, frog's legs, veau grand-mère (veal and mushrooms in code promo vente privee voyage white wine cream sauce king jouet promo noel poulet à la façon du chef (chicken stuffed with lingonberries and cambozola).We are able to offer a wide variety of cost-effective menu items to match both your taste and style.The menu is concise and focuses mostly on French and Mediterranean bistro-style dishes which are generally smaller bites, although big on flavour.The soft and flaky tarte niçoise is a skilful blend of salty and acidic tastes.Having delivered a good, dry and economical house sauvignon blanc and a mild Chilean carmenere, our server calls our attention to an impressively long list of specials, including a couple of appetizers and several entrees - we were tempted by baby back ribs, pickerel and.The house specialty, braised lamb shank with maple syrup and balsamic-vinegar reduction, is another great combo of flavors.
For added character, an old fur vault cleverly holds the resident wine collection.
Their raw, soft-shelled taco includes walnut taco crumble, chunky guacamole, lettuce, southwest tomato and chia seed salsa and cashew cream.
It is also less noisy than the main floor, where sound echoes thanks to bare hardwood floors and the animated francophone clientele.The service was excellent, the food was great, music playing on the e atmosphere was so relaxed and welcoming.All their menu items are also non-GMO, MSG free and nut free.The torte is surprisingly heavy, topped with thick hazelnut cream and set in a substantial crust, but it is a perfect, smooth blend of sweet and tart - so flavourful, it's easy to pass up a (second) bite of the Friend's surprisingly light chocolate cappuccino.Good luck elbowing your way into the small French eatery that day, but by all means, keep InFerno's in mind for your own December celebrations.Casual - no tablecloths - but upscale, with floral garnishes for the appetizers and a stock of trendy rectangular white china.