Omar Sy, omar Sy is a french humorist-actor, and may be one of the best, best known for his duo with Fred Testo: Omar et Fred and for his role in "The intouchables".
But it's in 2011 that Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakache gave him his first lead role in the movie "untouchables" where he played a young suburban who became home health aid for quadriplegic, for what Omar received a Cesar.In the emission " Le cinéma de Djamel" he made many sketches, then Omar created the program "Visiophon and carried on the sketches at the.And it's in this radio that he met his future partner Fred Testot.For continuous coverage of The Santa Barbara International Film Festival, subscribe to YTS Digital Films' page.Santa Barbara International Film Festival virtuoso awards.M, yTS Digital Films is an official media partner of The Santa Barbara International Film Festival.Omar played plenty of supporting role like in "Nos jours heureux" or in "envoyés très spéciaux".
He had a happy childhood in the quarter of Trappes with his family ( you can see him with a part of his family: he is on the left of the picture with his father and his brother and sisters).
But thanks to his childhood's friend Djamel Debouze wich is also from Trappes, who invited, Omar to Radio Nova at the beginning to masquerade as a professional senegalese footballer and then he worked in this radio like radio host.Tv and shows: "Je ne fais pas mon âge" Services après ventes des émissions" and "Omar et Fred: the show".Omar in secondary school, here Omar is in secondary school (at the left of the picture) and we concours telemag can see Nicolas Anelka at the right of the picture wich is also from Trappes.Sbiff 2013 - Virtuosos Award to Omar Sy The Intouchables ».Omar was a good pupil at school, and if he did'nt start in show business, He wanted to create his conditioning company in Senegal.And since 2005, "Le service après vente" of Omar and Fred is adapted in sketches of 2 or 3 minutes on Canal, which met a great success and made known the two humourists.January 29, 2013, Arlington Theater Santa Barbara.

Childhhood, he is born in January the 20 th 1978 at Trappes, he is the son of a mauritanian cleaning lady and  a senegalese worker.
By example, in 2010 he participated in the renovation of the hospital Robert Debré with the team of.