water use reduction leed

If the building does not have separate metering for each water use (fixture use, process use, irrigation and other uses the water use reduction achievements can be demonstrated for.1 with calculations.
(1 point).2: 20 reduction in fixture water use from the baseline.Points for reducing water use.Steam system Standard Steam condensate disposal Cool municipally supplied steam condensate (no return) to drainage system with heat recovery system or reclaimed water OR Reclaim and use steam condensate 100 recovery and reuse Employ strategies that in aggregate use 20 less water than the water.Tray.3 liters/DIN tray X-ray processor, 150 mm or more in any dimension Film processor water recycling unit Digital imager, all sizes No water use Table.As with other iterations of leed, the usgbc has increased the stringency calendrier concours spip of the credit requirements of leed.Standards for processes Process Requirement Discharge water temperature tempering Where local requirements limit discharge temperature of fluids into drainage system, use tempering device that runs water only when equipment discharges hot water OR Provide thermal recovery heat exchanger that cools drained discharge water below code-required.Compliant commercial washing machines To use Table 2, the project must process at least 120,000 lbs (57 606 kg) of laundry per year.
For fixtures and fittings listed in Table 1, as applicable to the project scope, calculate the baseline water consumption using estimated occupant usage.Projects may also follow the leed for Multiple Buildings and On-Campus Building Application Guide alternative calculation methodology to show compliance with this credit.Baseline water consumption of fixtures and fittings Commercial Fixtures, Fittings, and Appliances Current Baseline (IP Units) Current Baseline (SI units) Water closets (toilets.6 gallons per flush (gpf) 6 liters per flush (lpf) Urinal*.0 (gpf).8 lpf Public lavatory (restroom) faucet.5 gpm.For a building with a certificate of occupancy dated before 1995, the baseline is 150 of the water use that would result if all fixtures met the code requirements in Table.Commercial (family-sized) clothes washers.Public lavatory (restroom) faucet.5 gallons/minute at 60 psi, private lavatory faucet*.2 gallons/minute at 60 psi, kitchen faucet.2 gallons/minute at 60 psi.Employ strategies that in aggregate use 20 less water than the water use baseline calculated for the building (not including irrigation).

The leed v4 for Existing Buildings: Operations Maintenance water use baseline is set depending on the year of buildings occupancy, as follows: For a building with a certificate of occupancy dated 1995 or later, the baseline is 120 of the water use that would result.